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Refund Policy


Two types of refunds we can do, a. Before Purchase of the Asset, b. After Purchase of the Asset, discussed below.

  • Down-payment can be refunded before the purchase of assets, if you are no more willing to purchase the product. If you want a refund of a down-payment then use the refund process. Fine and other charges may apply.
  • Down-payment can be refunded also after the purchase of the assets but in this case the return policy rules and regulations apply.
(Please read return policy for point b detailed rules and regulations)


To claim a refund of a down-payment, you must have a valid reason. For this, you have to write a letter to CEO and submit in the office on following address
Al-Mawakhat Microfinance Co. Ltd.
Office # 2, FB/3, 2nd Floor, Awami Complex, Usman Block, New Garden Town
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 05309
Please note, if any amount or deduction happens on the process of refunding the amount, the customer will pay it.


Processing Fees cannot be returned at any cost.


If you have any questions concerning our refund policy, please contact us at:
+92 (325) 39 55 55 8