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About Us - Al-mawakhat Microfinance Co. Ltd.
About Us

About Al-Mawakhat

Al-Mawakhat is a registered Non-Banking Micro Finance Company regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). It intends to alleviate poverty and help those on low incomes who do not have access to conventional banking services. For this purpose, AMCL provides product-based finance facilities regarding the needs of the people through various modes of financial assistance, which would help enhance the countrys economic development. The biggest challenge in microfinance is high-interest rates, which are highly harsh to financially excluded individuals. To end this difficult financial struggle, AMCL intends to eliminate the exploitation of the community through Riba and is committed to playing its vibrant role of uplifting the deprived segments of society.


Serving Humanity with Support & Kindness


To empower and assist needy individuals through the Microfinance Mode of businesses and to alleviate poverty by providing opportunities to raise the living standard of willful, skilled, hardworking, and needy people around us.


To support the promotion and operation of poors businesses at low costing monthly installments Offer product-based financial assistance to the customers to get their ideas matured. Support women with the financial backing they need to start their business ventures. Help to reduce poverty countrywide, financially support the skilled & deprived individuals and uplift the economy of Pakistan.